Mission Zero

Mission Zero FAQ

Do you have a question about Mission Zero? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Have a look below, where you’ll find the answers to our frequently asked questions.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please send your question to enquiries@astro-pi.org.

Remember to check back periodically, as this page will be updated when new questions arise.

Participation questions

My child/pupil has special educational needs. Can we still enter?

We only accept entries from teams as opposed to individual children, but we would like Astro Pi to be open to as many people as possible. Submissions from teams with special educational needs are very welcome.

Can I enter on my own? Can my after-school club/coding club/Scout troop/Brownie pack/own child etc. take part?

A team of at least two people is needed. The mission is not limited to schools. Anyone who lives in an ESA member or associate member country and who is 14 years of age or under can enter, either as a home-educated student (although you’ll need to team up with another student), a student team at school, or a team from a non-school organisation.

Questions about the mission

Where are the instructions?

This educational resource has been created to guide you through the activity.

The Mission Zero code editor is blocked at my school, what can I do?

You will need to approach a senior teacher or whoever has responsibility for your IT infrastructure, request that the websites below are white-listed for the students wishing to participate in Mission Zero and also that the fix is tested from a student account.


Is there a limit to the number of students on a team, or the number of teams we can have?

Each student team must have minimum of two and a maximum of four members. There’s no limit to the number of teams a school or club can enter, but each student can only be part of one team, and each team can only submit one entry.

Can we submit multiple entries?

As a teacher, Mission Zero makes it easy for you to submit entries for the teams in your class, however each student can only be part of one team, and each team can only submit one entry. When you register with Mission Zero, you will create a classroom code which your teams use when submitting their entry. This code links their entry to you, and hugely reduces the data entry burden on them.

How can I review my entries?

For each team that submits an entry with your classroom code, you will receive an email receipt with the team member details, along with a link to a snapshot of their code. The code cannot be changed once it has been submitted.

I’m getting an error! What do I do?

The emulator should highlight the line on which the error is occurring. Check for any missing punctuation, such as missing commas, brackets and colons. Failing that, simply typing the error message into a search engine will quickly find an answer.

Can a class start the project on one day and finish it on another? Or does it have to be done in one sitting?

Either is fine. If you want to break up with work we recommend students copy and paste the unfinished code into a text editor (e.g. Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac) and save it with a file name they’ll easily remember. Later they can load the file, copy the code back into the Mission Zero editor and continue with the activity.

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