Mission Zero

Mission Zero

Mission Zero offers students and young people the chance to have their computer programs run in space on the ISS! Teams write a simple program to display a message to the astronauts onboard. You don’t need special equipment or coding skills, and all participants that follow the rules are guaranteed to have their programs run in space. You will also receive a special certificate showing where exactly the ISS was when your program ran!


Who can take part?

  • Anyone who is 14 years or younger
  • In teams of two to four
  • Supervised by a teacher or mentor
  • 50% of teams’ members need to be citizens of an ESA Member/Associate Member State


How to take part:

  1. Teachers/mentors register for Mission Zero and receive a classroom code
  2. Students and young people follow along with the Mission Zero project to write their programs
  3. Students and young people use the classroom code to submit their programs


Teachers and mentors:

You need to register to receive a classroom code to give your team/s when they are ready to submit.

Register for Mission Zero


Students and young people:

Already have your classroom code?

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Official Mission Zero guidelines



To help many more people take part in their native language this year, we have also translated the Mission Zero resource, guidelines, and website into 19 different languages!

Mission Zero Languages