Mission Zero

Students will contribute to the daily routine of the International Space Station by displaying their own personal message and the ambient air temperature on the Astro Pi. No special hardware is needed to take part in Mission Zero, and your code is guaranteed to run in space for 30 seconds!

Frequently Asked Questions

Mission Timeline

1. Do classroom activity and submit code!

Our classroom activity can be completed in an afternoon. Teachers: organise your students into teams of two to four people, and let us guide them through writing a short Python program that shows their individual message and the air temperature on the Astro Pi computer. No extra hardware is needed — everything is done in a web browser. Teachers register online with the Trinket Sense HAT emulator and receive a classroom code to give to their teams. This saves time by greatly reducing the need for data entry. There’s no limit to the number of teams a school or club can enter. It’s entirely dependent on the teacher’s capacity to support teams.

Do activity

2. Your code runs in space for 30 seconds!

Provided the code doesn’t contain any bad language or unpleasantness, it’s guaranteed to run on the International Space Station for 30 seconds. Each participant will then receive an electronic certificate recording the exact start and end of their code’s run — their piece of space science history to keep!

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