Mission Space Lab

Mission Space Lab

Mission Space Lab offers students and young people the chance to have their scientific experiments run on the ISS. Your challenge is to design and program an experiment to be run on an Astro Pi computer. The best experiments will be deployed to the ISS, and your team will have the opportunity to analyse your results and put together a short report about your findings. The ten teams that write the best reports will be selected as the Astro Pi Mission Space Lab winners!

To take part in this year’s Challenge, you need to submit your team details and experiment idea by Friday 25th October.

Official Mission Space Lab guidelines

Who can take part?

    • Anyone who is 19 years or younger at the time of submission
    • In teams of two to six
    • Supervised by a teacher or mentor
    • Your team needs to be from either a primary or secondary school, Scout group or coding/after school club located in an ESA Member State, Slovenia, Canada or Malta. Certified home schools will also be accepted.
    • 50% of your team must be nationals of one of the participating countries mentioned above.You can find a list of ESA Member States here.

    Unsure where to start?

    Watch the video below to learn what you can and cannot do during your experiment, including hardware limitations. This will help you to establish what ideas will work in space and what ideas to avoid.