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Help us name the new Astro Pi computers

This year, all Mission Zero participants will have the opportunity to vote for the names of the two new Astro Pi computers that we are sending to the International Space Station in December. This isn’t a requirement to participate in Mission Zero.

We will name the Astro Pi computers after two inspirational European scientists. There are hundreds of men and women who have contributed to science and technology; participants can suggest their own names or pick from our list of suggestions:

Ada Lovelace
Alan Turing
Caroline Herschel
Edsger Dijkstra
Hedy Lamarr
John Edmonstone
Marie Curie
Nikola Tesla
Tycho Brahe

To vote, participants should add a short message to their Mission Zero program to show their chosen name on the Astro Pi’s LED display. You need to start your message with the words “My name should be”.

For example, if a participant or team wanted to vote for Ada Lovelace, their code would look like this:

sense.show_message("My name should be Ada Lovelace")

If you would like to vote, your message must start with these words, otherwise we won’t be able to automatically count your entry.

For full instructions on how to include a name choice in a Mission Zero submission, please refer to the Mission Zero project guide


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