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Mission Space Lab Guidelines

Everything you need to know to create an experiment idea for Mission Space Lab.

Phase 4: Analyse

Late May – 23 June 2023

Once you have received your experiment results from the ISS, it is time to analyse your data and write your final report. The teams with the best reports will be selected as the Astro Pi Mission Space Lab winners!

Your report needs to

  • Use the Astro Pi official report template
  • Be no longer than 4 pages of A4 (excluding cover page).
  • Be uploaded as a PDF
  • (Optional) In addition to your report, your team(s) can also choose to submit a link to a GitHub repository that contains any additional code or programs that they have used to analyse their experiment data. This additional code will be taken into consideration by the Astro Pi judges when evaluating teams’ final reports. However, this is entirely optional and you are not required to submit any additional code.

Download the report template (doc)

Download the report template (pdf)

Writing your report

We recommend the following process for writing your final reports:

  • Share the report template with your team, read through each section, and discuss what should go into each one
  • Divide the report up and allocate each section to one or two team members; write the sections
  • Put the sections together and read through the complete report as a team to ensure that it makes sense as a whole

Data analysis

For tips on analysing data in CSV file format, you can follow the Astro Pi flight data analysis project.

Astro Pi flight data analysis project


  • If your program does not produce the results you were hoping for, we still encourage you to submit a report. You are still eligible for a prize, and you will still receive participation certificates.
  • Your report does not need to be long or expertly written. We are looking for simple and clear explanations of what you did, what you discovered, and what you learned.

Submitting the report

Mentors can submit their team’s report via their Mission Hub. The deadline for submitting reports is 23 June 2023. Winners will be announced in late July.

Please note that the above timings are dependent on ISS crew operations and data being available to share with teams by the dates published, and are therefore subject to change.


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