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Mission Space Lab Guidelines

Everything you need to know to create an experiment idea for Mission Space Lab.

Life in space


‘Life in space’ experiments use one of the Astro Pi computers to investigate life inside the Columbus module. If you choose this theme, you will need to submit an experiment idea that makes use of the Astro Pi’s LED matrix and at least one of its sensors, which include a camera. The Astro Pi computer will be deployed within the Columbus module, and you may use its camera only as a sensor and not to store photos or videos.

More about the Astro Pi computers


Life in space rules
  • Your experiment must utilise the LED matrix and at least one of the Astro Pi’s sensors.
  • Your experiment must not store or record video.
  • Your experiment can only use the camera as a sensor, and cannot take photos, to respect the privacy of the astronauts.

Planning your experiment


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