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Mission Space Lab Guidelines

Everything you need to know to create an experiment idea for Mission Space Lab.

Experiment checklist

It is crucial that your team understands the limitations of the Astro Pi hardware and what you’re not allowed to do in your experiment. Your idea must fulfil the criteria in the following checklist, otherwise your idea may be disqualified.

  • Your experiment can’t rely on astronaut interaction. We can’t be sure when an astronaut will be around the Astro Pis, and they have their own working schedule.
  • Your experiment shouldn’t be a game, but a scientific experiment.
  • Real-time communication with the Astro Pis on the ISS is not possible, because we don’t have a radio communication module to be able to ‘give instructions’ from Earth.
  • Don’t expect your experiment to run at a specific date and time. We can’t predict accurately when each experiment will run.


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