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Mission Space Lab Guidelines

Everything you need to know to create an experiment idea for Mission Space Lab.

Evaluation criteria

Once you have submitted your program, it will be judged by our expert panel. They will be assessing your program according to its:

Scientific value

  • Is your experiment investigating a scientific concept or principle?

Program readability and quality

  • Is your program easily understandable?
  • Is it using comments and/or docstrings?
  • Is it structured well, and does it include rigorous error checking?
  • Is reused code from other sources/authors correctly attributed?

Feasibility of the experiment in the ISS environment

  • Can your experiment run according to the environment and hardware limitations on board the ISS?
  • Is your experiment likely to produce meaningful data?

Clarity and comprehensiveness

  • Are your experiment’s objectives clear based on the program you have written, and the answers you have submitted?
  • Could the experiment be easily reproduced?
  • Does it follow the guidance provided in the Phase 2 guide?

If your program passes the expert panel of judges, we will test it on ground to ensure that it runs without errors and that it doesn’t violate any of the security rules.

If you require clarification on any of the above guidelines, please email us at


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