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25 February 2016

On February 8, we revealed how you can 3D print your own Astro Pi flight case, and 3D printers all over the world have been busy producing a brilliant array of cases. It’s proven so popular, in fact, that the UK government gave a case as a gift to delegates from the UAE Space Agency!

chris lee on Twitter

Tim Peake “Astro Pi” computer in 3D box – a sign of enduring space collaboration between UKSA and UAESA @spacegovuk

This case was made using an advanced liquid polymer 3D printing process. It’s a great example of how far the technology has come over the years.

You’ve been busy showing off your own amazing creations on Twitter, though; here’s just a small selection of our favourite takes on the iconic flight case…

John Chinner’s neon orange case was made by Ryanteck. John is an Airbus engineer and a STEM ambassador, so it’s great to see him spreading the Astro Pi love in such an eye-catching way.

John Chinner on Twitter

Found an excellent 3D printing shop in Singapore. Spent an hour talking about @astro_pi and they gave me this!

One of our Pi fans in the Highlands came up with this brilliant black and red case. We can’t wait to see the finished product.

Mac the Hat on Twitter

@astro_pi 90% complete,few more parts and will be clone of @astro_pi_ir that @astro_timpeake has on @ISS_Research

Patrick Wiatt, from Newell Fonda High School in Iowa, has the privilege of being the first to make a multicoloured case. Silver and blue together really make a statement!

Patrick Wiatt on Twitter

Completed the @astro_pi 3d printable case today, now we just need the Sense HAT! #newellfonda @Raspberry_Pi

This case-in-progress uses golden PLA. When it’s finished and the LED matrix is switched on, it will no doubt look very stylish…


@astro_pi hi there , here is mine 😉

Richard Hayler, a Code Club mentor from Surrey, chose plain silver filament for his case, and even sourced the buttons used on the real unit up on the ISS. We think it looks almost identical to the real thing.

Richard Hayler ☀ on Twitter

Some more pics of our operational 3D printed @astro_pi flight case.

Here’s one of Richard’s Code Club students, Ozzy, posing as mini Tim to recreate one of the pictures that’s become famous in the community…


Tim with Astro PiOzzy as mini-Tim


We’d love to see more of your Astro Pi cases, so keep them coming on Twitter. In particular, we’re really keen to see cases finished with acetone vapour. We look forward to feasting our eyes on your creations soon!

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