The Story of Astro Pi

1 February 2016

Private Video on Vimeo

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Today we are proud to release the first of four short cartoons that tell the story of the Astro Pi mission. Part 1 above introduces the characters Ed and Izzy, the two Astro Pi flight units that are up in space right now. You may recognise the voice-over as that of TV science presenter Fran Scott from Absolute Genius and How to be Epic.

Ed @astro_pi_vis and Izzy @astro_pi_ir have their own Twitter accounts and will be tweeting about what they’re doing over the coming weeks. They’re named after the real-life friendship between Sir Isaac Newton (Izzy) and Edmond Halley (Ed) which resulted in the publication of the famous 17th-century physics book, Principia Mathematica, after which Tim’s mission is named.

You can follow them on Twitter now!

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