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28 April 2016

Are you looking for a way to encourage your students to engage in scientific data handling?

In case you haven’t already spotted them in the news, we sent two augmented Raspberry Pis, Ed and Izzy, to the International Space Station. They’ve been busy collecting all kinds of sensor measurements of the internal environment in the ISS, including air pressure, humidity, magnetic fields, and acceleration. The data has been sent back to earth in CSV format and has been put in the hands of the public for anyone to analyse.

To help you dive into the data, Initial State have taken our CSV files and worked their magic to create interactive data visualisations. They’ve also broken the CSV files down, so that you can choose to view data from individual days and weeks. Kudos to Jamie Bailey for this!

To find out more and access the data, click the picture below to see their blog post:



Analyze the Astro Pi Space Data in Your Web Browser


Our original Astro Pi flight data learning resource provides many examples of what to look for in the data. You can tell if the crew were near the Astro Pis!

We’re trying to collectively map out what we think was happening throughout the entire time the flight data was being collected. To contribute to this, please go to the Astro Pi forums and write a new post explaining your findings. This will then be verified by one of the team at Raspberry Pi and other members of the public.

Good luck!

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