Astro Pi flight case video

12 January 2017

To support the European Astro Pi Challenge, we worked with ESA and CPC to design, manufacture, and distribute several hundred Astro Pi activity kits to teams who registered for the competition last year.

Astro Pi Kit

The ESA-branded Astro Pi kit

The kit contains a bag of fixtures and fittings that you can use to build your very own working Astro Pi flight unit, just like the ones on the International Space Station. A 3D printer is necessary to make the four parts of the case. To help you with the assembly process, we have worked with ESA to shoot a demonstration video that will take you through the entire process from printing the case pieces right through to booting and testing the finished unit.

How to build a 3D printed Astro Pi flight case

This video explains how to build an Astro Pi flight case – from printing the 3D files and installing the Astro Pi hardware to testing the buttons. The final result is a 3D printed flight case for the Astro Pi similar to the ones on the International Space Station.

There is also an accompanying text-based educational resource available here. Having your own replica of the Astro Pi payload is an incredibly useful tool for prototyping and testing your competition entry code. The process of making it is engaging for students and creates huge investment in Astro Pi activities. Please share pictures of your finished flight units with @astro_pi on Twitter!

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