The Story of Astro Pi: Part Two

25 April 2016

Ed and Izzy, our Astro Pi flight units, have been very busy up in space. They’re working hard on lots of experiments, but they needed a little help from Robonaut, NASA’s humanoid robot!

See what they’ve been up to in their latest adventures. Here’s the next part of the story…

The story of Astro Pi – Part 2: Deployment

Our intrepid Astro Pi units, two specially equipped and tested Raspberry Pi computers, are on board the International Space Station with British ESA Astronaut Tim Peake. In the second part of their story, they get to work running apps and experiments designed and coded by school students, with help from Tim and other new friends.

In their busy schedule, Ed and Izzy have kindly made some time to stay in flight recorder mode. Using their sensors, they’ve saved all kinds of data from the ISS which is now available for you to explore. So get your thinking caps on and see what you can interpret from the orientation, acceleration, temperature, humidity, and pressure readings that they’ve recorded whilst in orbit. You can learn more with the Astro Pi Flight Data Analysis resource.

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