3D print the Astro Pi flight case

8 February 2016

Today we’re very happy to announce that the mighty Astro Pi flight case is now available to download and 3D print!

3D Printed Astro Pi

If you’re participating in the new Astro Pi coding challenges, this is a great way to prototype and efficiently test your code. You can house your Astro Pi unit in the same case as the one used by the crew of the ISS!

To guide you through the build process, we’ve created a brand-new educational resource that covers everything from downloading the STL files, getting the fixtures and fittings you need, and testing that you’ve wired up the push buttons correctly.

Check it out below!

Worksheet – 3D-Printed Astro Pi Flight Case | Raspberry Pi Learning Resources

The worksheet for the 3D-Printed Astro Pi Flight Case Learning Resource for Raspberry Pi


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